Presale Trailer

“Summer ain’t over till Sunset!” 


Saturday the 20th of September is the day we will close down the summer season with another epic edition of Sunset Festival. 

Sunset Festival 

Date: Saturday 20 September
Location: De Lilse Bergen - Gierle BE

Watermät  Yellow Claw
 Dirtcaps Coone
Frontliner LIVE Ruthless
 Wasted Penguinz  
 Mark With a K  The Oddword
Mystique Bestien Dark-E
 Johan Gielen  Partyraiser
Yves Deruyter  Lowriderz
Italian Hardstyle Mafia
Botnek  Many more...

Pre-sale trailer!
Here it is! The pre-sale trailer of Sunset Festival 2014. Are you ready to go on this magical journey with us? 
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Wake up you Early Birds! Fly out and grab those first tickets for Sunset Festival with a FREE Boozebag of 10 euro included! Limited Early Bird Tickets avai...
First names!
Wä?! What? Watermät! Jay Z and Kanye West say he is a genius, Eminem loves his sound and even Macklemore says Watermät is the next kid in Lalaland! If ...
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